World Chess Federation (FIDE)

The World Chess Federation, known as FIDE from its French initials (Federation Internationale des Eschecs) was founded in 1924. South Africa was expelled from FIDE in 1977 because of apartheid, and was readmitted to the world body in 1992, the year that CHESSA was formed.

The FIDE laws apply to all chess events held in South Africa. Here is a copy of the FIDE laws of chess as at 1 January 2018 but it is preferable to refer to the FIDE website for the latest rules.

Here is an extract of the standard Berger tables for round-robin events with between 3 and 14 players.

Chess South Africa (CHESSA)

CHESSA is the national organising body of chess in South Africa. The reader is referred to the CHESSA Home Page for news and information on forthcoming events.

Early Days of Durban Chess Club

The Durban Chess Club was founded in 1893, making it one of the oldest chess clubs in South Africa. Here is an article written by Mervyn Millar that appeared in March 1974.

It is interesting to consider which Durban champions also became South African champions. Harry Duhan was club champion in 1907 and SA champion in 1910, but he moved about a lot, so we probably shouldn't count him. Then in 1935 we had Jack Archer, who was mentioned by Mervyn in the article above. In 1977 the SA champion was Durban born and bred David Walker, who was living at the time in Cape Town. Finally, in 1987, the SA title was won by Charles de Villiers, then resident in Durban. Charles did not compete for the Durban title in 1987, and shortly afterwards he returned home to Cape Town.

Durban Chess Club Presidents

I have been unable to find a complete list of club presidents since the club was founded. Here is a more detailed article, with a list starting from 1952 and some background information on our first president. You may be surprised to learn that he has his own statue near the City Hall!

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