(unknown - 1936)

no photo available

Mr Rogerson was the 1914 Durban champion and won the title only once. He is mentioned on page 111 of Len Reitstein's book "A History of Chess in South Africa", as being President of Durban Chess Club when the 1924 South African championship was held in Durban.

He was recorded as a widower when he died in 1936. It must have been a complicated estate, as the file was only closed in 1965! An early (undated) photo of Durban is described as follows: "View of West Street, Durban. Showing the Premier Studio, Wycliffe Cycle Depot, Barrow Green Cafe, Anderson Bros, HR Harkin, Osmond and Company, Rogerson and Anstey's Buildings. Rickshaws throng the street." It is known that Premier Studio (J.E.Middlebrook) opened at 396 West Street in 1898, so the Rogerson building in West Street can probably be dated to the period 1900 to 1920.


I have been unable to find any games by Mr Rogerson.

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