(1924 - 1984)

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The 1951 Durban champion was Malcolm Mackessack, who scored 7½ out of 9, ahead of D.F.Gillman on 7 and R.W.Hill on 6 points. Mackessack was also the joint winner in 1964 with Gerald Boulle and David Isaacson.

Malcolm joined the club in 1946 and was a member for over 30 years, until he moved to Johannesburg on business in 1978 - Malcolm worked as a bank official. Malcolm always preferred a quiet positional game, and liked openings such as the Caro-Kann. As White he was often seen to fianchetto at least one Bishop.


Here is a selection of games by Mackessack. The first game against many times champion John Blackburn helped Malcolm win the 1964 championship. Finally, there is a rather lucky win against the 1973 champion.

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