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The 1924 Durban championship was a double round robin involving six players. The field included former champions S.Rogerson and J.B.McCord. Notable by their absence were L.Pierce and S.Diamond, who between them had won the title every year from 1919 to 1923. The championship was thus regarded as an open affair, and it was won jointly by Leonard Edgcumbe and L.Slawsky. Edgcumbe won the playoff match against Slawsky by two games to one.

Very little is known about the 1924 champion. His name was spelt as Edgecumbe or Edgcumbe in contemporary sources, rather than Edgecombe as given in the club's annual report for many years. When his wife died in 1968, it was officially recorded that her previous spouse had disappeared without trace, so one can only wonder what happened to him. He was definitely still in Durban in 1928, as I found reference to a court case between L.Edgcumbe and the Mayville Local Administration and Health Board.

As a result of his 1924 success Edgcumbe was invited to play in the South African championship, held in Durban in July 1924. The event was won by Alexander Chavkin on 5½ points out of 7, with McCord a close second on 5 points. Edgcumbe was fourth with 4 points (4 wins, 3 losses).

Edgcumbe also played in the 1926 South African championship, held in Johannesburg, but could only score 3 points out of 9.


No games by Edgcumbe were found on searching the chess columns of "The Natal Mercury" for the 1924 year.

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