Events held in 2017

I was an arbiter at three FIDE rated events in 2017 and captured all of the games played at these events:

South African Open (A) 2017 (547 games).
KZN Open Championship (A) 2017 (96 games).
Ethekwini Open (A) 2017 (97 games).

Durban Chess Club Bulletin

The Durban Chess Club Bulletin commenced publication in early 1973, and ran under the able editorship of Mervyn Millar until early 1983. A succession of editors then published the Bulletin from 1983 to 1988, when I took over as editor, and remained in that post until the end of 1996.

There are very few complete sets of Bulletins in existence, and in early 2006 I decided to compile a collection of all of the games that were published in the Durban Chess Club Bulletin. I was quite surprised to find that just over 1200 games had been published over the existence of the Bulletin. The games file has been zipped and is available here in ChessBase format:

Durban CC Bulletin (complete, 1219 games).

Kwa-Zulu Natal Open

When Mervyn Millar moved in early 2006, he came across a steel trunk of chess stuff in his garage. He very kindly gave these materials to myself, and they included the complete scoresheets for the Natal Opens of 1969, 1971 and 1972, as well as most of the scoresheets from the 1978 SA Open.

The detailed results from these events can be found on my Natal Champions page. Just click on the year for these and other Natal Open detailed results. I have compiled game databases from the scoresheets, and they are available here:

Natal Open Durban 1969 (complete, 133 games).
Natal Open Durban 1971 (complete, 112 games).
Natal Open Durban 1972 (complete, 233 games).

The files have been checked for accuracy against the official results. Where game scores were missing, or the game was decided by default, or a player had the bye, then I have included a game header and marked it as "official results" in the source.

Games files from more recent KZN opens follow:

2012 KZN Open (96 games played on top 12 boards).
2013 KZN Open (70 games played on top 10 boards).
2014 KZN Open (70 games played on top 10 boards).
2015 KZN Open (62 games played on top boards).
2016 KZN Open (80 games played on top boards).

South African Open

I have written a separate article about the South African Open tournament, which concentrates mainly on those SA Opens held in Durban. Over the years I have captured numerous games from these events, and the following downloads are available:

RSA Open Durban 1978 (incomplete, 472 games).

The 1978 file contains all of the games played by the 64 players who scored 6 out of 11 or more (except for round 1 games, which were missing from Mervyn's trunk). As usual, I have checked the file for accuracy against the official results, and have also entered the South African ratings.

The next SA Open in Durban was in 1984. No game scores are available for the 1984 event, other than those already published in the Club Bulletin (see the download at the top of the page).

The Durban Chess Club celebrated its centenary year in 1993, when the SA Open next came to Durban. The vast majority of these games were published here for the first time (from the sources you will see that 69 games appeared in the Durban Chess Club Bulletin in 1993).

RSA Open Durban 1993 (complete, 919 games).

The Open returned to Durban in 1995, and again in 1996. Many years ago I published about 200 games from the 1995 and 1996 tournaments on the Internet, and these found their way into the files of ChessBase. Unfortunately, somebody mangled the player names with, for example, Gerald Boulle appearing as Gilles Boullier and Andrew Westermeyer as Arnulf Westermeier. If you find these names in your South African database, then you need to make some corrections! BTW, the file for 1996 only includes games for players who scored 6 out of 11 or more.

RSA Open Durban 1995 (complete, 797 games).
RSA Open Durban 1996 (incomplete, 509 games).

Miscellaneous Game Collections

The following file contains the John Blackburn games collection:
games by John Blackburn (994 games/results).
John's sister kindly donated a small suitcase labelled "chess games chronological" by John. It contained hundreds of games recorded in old-fashioned (often ambiguous) descriptive notation. Transcribing these has taken me many hours, partly because the games up to 1970 were written on a variety of scraps of paper, rather than in a proper score book - John didn't waste any paper! The games file contains Blackburn games from 1953 to 2009 (994 games/results). A number of games from the 1950's and also some games from 1991 to 1995 were unable to be found. Scores of any missing games would be much appreciated. If you played against John, please check that I have the captured the game score correctly!

games by Eric Churton (269 games/results).
I obtained a jumble of scorebooks from Eric's widow and these have been captured in full. The first Churton games are from 1961 and there are many gaps; more Churton games would be welcome!

2015 SA Inter Club - A section (complete, 168 games).

2015 SA Inter Club - B section (incomplete, 151 games).

2014 Ethekwini junior chp (complete, 298 games).

2013 Inter-Union team chp (complete, 196 games).

2011 Inter-Union section A (complete, 224 games).

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