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Mr Diamond first won the Durban title in 1919, jointly with Leonard Pierce. Diamond won again in 1920 and 1922, with Pierce taking the title in 1921, 1923 and 1925. Borders' newspaper column reported in early 1924 that Diamond declined to enter the 1924 event on hearing that his rival Pierce was unable to compete. Borders went on to say that "This is very sporting of him, as had he participated there would have been little doubt as to who would have secured the honour." This is a clear indication that they were the top two players in Durban at the time.

In his Natal Mercury column of 20th June 1924, Borders wrote that "Mr S Diamond has left Durban on a visit to his native heath in Russia, and we understand it is uncertain when he will return to this country - if at all." However, there is an estate file in Pietermaritzburg which refers to Mr Sam Diamond, from Latvia in Russia, who was unmarried when he died. It sounds like the same man. So a "Russian" won the Durban championships three times!


So far I have unable to find any games by Mr Diamond.

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