The junior members of the Durban Chess Club were quite successful at the 2004 South African Junior championships, held in Johannesburg. Whilst we did not secure an individual gold medal, as Shihaab Buckas did in the 2003 event held in Bloemfontein, a large number of gold and silver medals were received by club members in the team events.

Shihaab was one of three boys to represent South Africa in the under 14 age group of the World Youth Championship, held during November 2004 in Crete, Greece. After a slow start, Shihaab recovered to score a creditable 5 points from 11 games, making him the highest placed RSA player in the under 14's. Well done!

Congratulations also go to Ashley Lewis, who was the highest placed KZN player in the under 20 age group in Johannesburg, finishing tied for 4th place. As a result he was selected to play in the SA Junior Closed to be held later in the year. This capped a fine year for Ashley, which included finishing second in the Club Championship.

Detailed Results

NoName teamboardscorefinalsscorecomments
1Lewis,Ashleyu20Abd.12/5 u206/9=4th place
2Hammond,Robertu20Abd.51/5 u205/9
3Buckas,Kaamilu20Abd.9/5 u203/9
4Vella,Robbieu20Bbd.34/5 u204/9team gold
5Buckas,Ilhaamu20Bbd.62/5 u184/9
6Ramsurrup,Pratishu16bd.14/5 u166/9team gold
7Buckas,Shihaabu16bd.24/5 u166/9team silver
8Ramsurrup,Ashishu16bd.54/5 u166/9team gold
9Jankeeparsad,Byronu16bd.84/5 u165/9team gold
10Kin,Kurtu14Abd.33/5 u146/9
11Pillay,Theolanu14Abd.42/5 u146/9
12Buckas,Muheebu14Bbd.43/5 u144/9
13Ramsurrup,Yetishu10bd.63/5 u104/9

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